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Welcome to the home of php web modules

magicaddons is a suite of php modules each designed to integrate easily within a website and facilitate the creation and management of Magicaddons QR code styled, structured and formatted content.

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About Us

Inspiraweb Ltd was founded at the start of 2003, having traded as Total Managed Internet Solutions (TMiS) since 1998. Simply put, we are a technically skilled Information Technology Channel (ITC) company that specialises in web design and internet solutions focusing on:

  • Building websites that work
  • Enhancing visitors' experience and strengthening your online presence
  • Empowering our customers to update their website content
  • DDA compliance,
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing

Why we released Magicaddons

To enable us to provide our clients with websites for which they could manage the content themselves without having to acquire web design skills we developed SiteWrite© our state of the art website and content management software, this was further developed to encompass a suite of modules similar to Magicaddons©.

Talking with website owners and other developers it became apparent that many were looking for an alternative to systems such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal and were interested in using SiteWrite© modules on their own sites.

SiteWrite© is a fully integrated system so it required us to return to the drawing board and the result after much hard work, attention to detail and some great concepts was the launch of Magicaddons©

Magicaddons© our suite of module has been developed from the ground up to integrate with existing websites and give you complete control of your website module content and present visitors with stylish formatted content.

A basic module comprises:

  • a container for the content
  • a text introduction for visitors
  • groupings (parent categories which act as an introduction to a collection of items)
  • items (the detailed information that you wish to present to your visitors)

Who we are

Inspiraweb Ltd is a UK Web Design Consultancy specialising in providing bespoke Web Design and Internet solutions from simple brochure sites to dynamic database driven sites. We have a comprehensive understanding of web design principles, ergonomics of user interface design which we apply to our work via the implementation of ITC best practices and to provide this service we have developed a portfolio of solutions.

Diversity and equality issues

As a company we do not knowingly discriminate against any group or individual on grounds of age, disability, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation and in fact we openly respect diversity and encourage equality.

We carry this through to our work and provide solutions aimed at enabling our clients to meet their own diversity and equality issues.


Inspiraweb’s goal is to develop solutions that enable our customers to easily create content for worldwide digital distribution.

Driving the growth of the software industry

Magicaddons are being supported by Sunderland Software City, the regional initiative working to drive and support the growth of the software industry across the North East. More information is available at