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Welcome to the home of php web modules

magicaddons is a suite of php modules each designed to integrate easily within a website and facilitate the creation and management of Magicaddons QR code styled, structured and formatted content.

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Custom Development

At Inspiraweb we understand each business has its own unique challenges and opportunities and to help you meet them we offer a bespoke custom development service to our clients.

Our suite of PHP module has been developed from the ground up to integrate with existing websites, give you complete control of your website module content and present your visitors with stylish formatted content. Each module has been specifically designed and developed to provide clearly defined functionality however we understand that we may not have captured the requirements of every web developer and that is why we offer a Professional Custom Development service.

You may want a module designed to work using PHP 4 or your requirements may simply be to enhance or change functionality in an existing module, alternatively you may want a module designing from scratch to meet your own specific objectives, in each case please contact us and let us know what it is that you would like and we will be pleased to provide a quotation for the work.

To ask specific questions about our custom development service or to request a quotation simply contact us.
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